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The Last Boyfriend - J.S. Cooper Once again I seem to have been mislead.This time however it wasn't the cover that got me interested, even though it's a pretty nice cover.The sample. God. Damn you samples.I never, and I mean NEVER buy a book without getting a sample first to see whether or not it's worth me buying it. Doesn't matter how little the price. I thought I'd scored with this book. Sadly I was yet again mistaken. Mind you, the first few chapters were pretty good, after that not so much.It got really old, really fast. To me the humour was dull, even some of the conversations were just cringe worthy. There were typing errors, which doesn't bother me a whole lot. However it just added to things I didn't like about this book.Who knows, maybe it picked up after reading 66%, but I doubt it. I have had to take a break from my highly addictive Kindle reading disorder over the past few days, so maybe my head just wasn't in it.If I ever get bored and want to re-visit it I may, until then I'm sticking with my current opinion.