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Storm (Elementals, #1) - Brigid Kemmerer I've wanted to read STORM for quite some time now and i actually downloaded the sampled chapter for my Kindle a while ago.The sample was good, just not great. I think that's what held me back for so long.Anyway I gave in and decided it could be my first Buddy Read book.Though it hit off straight away. Jumping into action. [b:Storm|10401084|Storm (Elemental, #1)|Brigid Kemmerer|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1325995724s/10401084.jpg|15305022] took a while getting into. It just wasn't screaming at me saying "IM SO BLOODY INTERESTING" Becca was a pretty cool heroine. Showing she had guts and determination from the first chapter, and throwing a punch here and there! I didn't however like the Love-Triangle between herself, Chris and Hunter. She kind of seemed oblivious to whomever she wasn't with at the time. Giving the feeling she was switching her feelings toward them both back and forth throughout the book.I did however like the banter between them all. Also as the story progressed I found myself actually enjoying it. Whether or not I liked the characters, it was a good story line and well written.Chris and Hunter both bored me....just a little bit. If I had to choose which one Becca ended up with, I completely would have thought Nick by her first reaction to him! - Then to find out it's Chris? and Hunter? Meh. I liked Casper the dog!! Adorable.Gabriel and Nick really made the book hell of a lot more interesting for me and Michael was a COMPLETE snooze fest! Now I realise this is Elementals #1 but really what happened to the ending?? That was a complete letdown! Nothing worse than a book that acts as if the endings just any other page.I will probably continue onto Book 2 at a later stage