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The Crush - C.A. Williams I really, really tried liking this book. It had so much potential! The story line was great, the way it has been written down is awful.I liked the first two chapters, but after that it went down hill.There was a lack of emotion in the book, not only between the main couple but also surrounding the devastation Wynn went through towards the end of the book. The story felt light. Not the kind of emotion filled pages that you would think to experience with a story line like this one.I also find it annoying when authors decide they want to speed the writing process of the book up a notch or 5! Through the whole book it was rushed. You would be in one scene, then jumped to the next, and then all little scenes piled up into a sentence. It got old.Not what I expected when I first started reading the sample for this book. I've said it before and I'll say it again "God damn you samples"