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Fallen Crest High (Fallen Crest High, #1) - Tijan Definitely do not judge a book by it's cover - I did, and that's why I put off reading it. Full of regret!Loved this edgy drama, dark and complicated book.Sam - I fell in love with her. Kick ass I don't give a fuck attitude. Even with the snotty nose whores at school, her Mega bitch mom at home, and everything else, she held her head high.The Kade brothers? ... Swoon Hot! Funny and mysterious, with a serious dark edge.I did think it was a little rushed. By the end of the book you didn't know a hell of a lot about some of the characters. I'm guessing we will in the second book?.Still I loved it, so I'll have to wait. Until then I'll let my imagination run wild.