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Every Which Way (Sloan Brothers, #1) - Calia Read Severine What an unusual name...like mine! Wooo..no. Seriously though I've never heard it. I was pronouncing it wrong up until she corrected it in the book. SEH-VREEN Gotcha.Moving on.Thought the book was ok. Loved severine's witty down-to-earth attitude. It was like a burst of refreshing air from all the boring and stupid female leads I've been reading lately. These one's are very few and far between. A strong woman lead is awesome.Fell in love with Thayer. Of course. He's basically a male version of Severine.Macsen...what weird unheard of (by me) names. Did you make these up Calia Read ? ..Anyway, he didn't really do it for me, and I felt there could have been more of a story written about his character. Also the relationship with his brother, how dysfunctional it may of been you didn't really get much of a story, even though you did..does that make sense? probably not. It's late, I'm tired. My bed is calling. Sue me.Have a lovely night world.