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Jaded - Tijan Sheldon, Corrigan and Bryce all have a take-no-prisoners-attitude. They rule their school, and do what ever they feel like, but someone else wants in on the action, in other words..Sheldon.Such a fine line between love and hate. I loved them, but I also hated them. They were ruthless, honest, down right mean but very loyal. Be real, pick out the fakes and toss them to the side.I really liked this book, especially the female lead. Sheldon was fierce and didn't give a damn what anybody thought.The writing and story line were great. It's the second book I've happened to read by Tijan, and definitely not my last.The ONLY thing I'm going to nit-pick over, is the ending. I realise it's not the final book to the Jaded series but I wish the ending was better.