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Perfect Chemistry - Simone Elkeles 2.5 star rating.I honestly don't understand the 4 or 5 stars others have chosen for this book. Only thing I can put it down to is preference.The ratings on this book were quite good so I had high expectations going into it.It played a too familiar tune - Good girl hates bad boy/good girl loves bad boy/Cant be together blah blah. I usually don't mind a clich├ęd book, this one however did NOT float my boat.I thought considering Alex was in a "Gang" there would be more roughness/action in his personality and the story. Yes I took into consideration he only joined the gang to protect his family, but still I was disappointed.The relationship between Brittany and Alex felt forced, I didn't really connect to either one of them, nor did I think they were anything alike, like it was stated in parts of the book. No passion or chemistry was jumping out to me WHAT-SO-EVER.Major cringe worthy conversations that felt as though they were put there just for the sake of a conversation which wasn't needed.The highlight of my emotions in this book was the strong urge I had to slam my fist into Brittany's mothers face. Complete BITCH!