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Beautifully Damaged - L.A. Fiore I actually liked this book.I wasn't entirely sure whether or not to invest time and money in this book seeing all the different kind of reviews. The description of the book didn't interest me much either. I felt going into this book it would be like countless other books I've read.Which it was. However it was also different. I enjoyed the characters and the story line. Some parts of the book were really predictable which annoys the hell out of me. Who wants to be able to predict what happens? That's depressing and ruins the book for the reader, in my opinion.It was interesting enough though to keep me going till the end.Like I've said I enjoyed the characters, however some of them I feel weren't really given much of an ending for this story. In some parts they were pretty much one of the main characters at one point in time, good or bad, and by the end it's as though their character was swept under the rug and completely forgotten about at the end.3.5 Star rating for the bookcontrary to what I've said I did actually enjoy the book, there were just some parts I was annoyed with.