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Thoughtless - S.C. Stephens Thoughtless Fans turn around, This.Is.A.Mighty.Rant I ABSOLUTELY HATE dropping books! It's a waste of my money and time so I don't do it very often, but I for the life of me couldn't finish Thoughtless . I also hate rating books so low, but hey we give reviews to be honest so if you don't like what you're reading so far I suggest you turn around.The ratings and reviews gave it so much praise that I honestly cant believe I was reading the same novel. It.Was.Rubbish.Now I know that seems harsh, but honestly that's the nicest word I have for it. I CANNOT and will not get behind a book who's female lead is as dull and having next to no personality what-so-ever as Keira did . It makes the book excruciatingly boring and all I want to do is rip my hair out.At the beginning You have Keira and Denny (Who's an Aussie, and I thought that was awesome, because SO AM I!) move to a new city and become roommates with Denny's mate Kellan. Now the minute Keira lays her little sparkly eyes on Kellan she starts drooling like a dork and may I add BLUSHING (Who blushes that much? Seriously.) At the same time confessing her love to her partner. As the story goes on unforeseen circumstances arrive that makes the happy couple having to spend time apart.While Denny's away she sulks and mopes like a 2year old who's puppy just died and finds comfort in the arms of her roommate. Who in their right fucking mind snuggles up/ hugs/holds hands...(I could go on) with someone who they hardly even know and who is not the love of their life? A dumb bitch.Also Kellan and Keira "Gasps" sleep together (Didn't see that coming....) in a drunken haze.After Denny returns, she cant fathom why Kellan is acting like a complete asshole. Now I admit he was, but he had all the right in the world.While feeling guilty as fuck, Keira still manages to ogle Kellan, describe him over and over at the same time being a selfish bitch to Denny.Oh and lets not forget she sleeps with him AGAIN!Now you can say that sleeping with someone once is an accident, (Not really, just makes you a whore when you have someone else and you cant just slip and fall onto someone's penis) but twice?Don't get me wrong, I couldn't care less if a female lead's a whore, but only if she owns it.Then telling them to leave after having convinced them to stay by fucking them, and may I add when its their place you're rooming at? God. Yes, I'm rambling. To sum up everything I've just written in short words.Keira is a self centred, brainless blushing cow.If those were your intentions, then you hit the mark.